Keto for Lipedema Summit
Low Carb/High Fat (LCHF): Biohacking Keto for Lipedema

40+ interviews with the experts in nutrition, low carb/high fat (LCHF) Ketogenic Way of Eating, metabolism,
fat, obesity, lipedema diagnosis & treatment, epigenetics with clinicians, researchers, therapists, coaches, advocates, and featuring Lipedema Ladies (see below for full list)

produced by Lipedema Simplified Media

cohosted by Catherine Seo, PhD & Leslyn Keith, OTD

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Learn from the experts, how to increase your health & well-being!

The Basic Science of Ketogenic Eating

So What is a Ketogenic Way of Eating? – The Lipedema Simplified Keto Team
Catherine Seo, Leslyn Keith, Raeann Sparks, Megan Vogel, and Mende Staggs

Evolution of Low Carb & High Fat WOE – Eric Westman, MD, MHS, USA

Support for Keto from a Family Practitioner – Jeffry Gerber, MD, FAAFP, USA

Using the Science of LCHF in Family Practice – Sarah Hallberg, DO, MS, USA

Ketogenic Way of Eating for Health

The Obesity Epidemic: What Caused It? How Can We Stop It? – Zoë Harcombe, PhD, UK

The Emperor Has No Clothes: About Fat Metabolism – Ivor Cummins, Ireland

Innate Intelligence of the Human Body – David Feldman, USA

Are you Addicted to Carbohydrates? & What You Can Do About It – Robert Cywes, MD, USA

SPECIAL LIVE Keynote Webinar with Dr Robert Cywes

Changing the Paradigm

The Real Meal Revolution: From Carb Loading to Low Carb/High Fat – Prof Tim Noakes, MD, South Africa

The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth About Fat – Nina Teicholz, USA

Whistleblower: Sugar is an Addiction – Cristin Kearns, DDS, MBA, USA

Simplify Your Life: Keto is a Lifelong Relationship – Linnie Moon Hardin, Lipedema Lady, USA

Keto at the Edges of Healthcare

Considering the Metabolic Process in Healing – Thomas Seyfried, PhD, USA

Stalled? Think About Thyroid – Carol Rowsemitt, PhD, RN, FNP-C, USA

In Praise of Low Carb:Canadian Doctors Rise Up to Change Nutrition Guidelines–Barbra Bradshaw,MD&Carol Loffelmann, MD

Women, Hormones & the Biology of Fat

From Atkins to Keto: One Woman’s Journey Over 40 Years of Low Carb – Jacqueline Eberstein, RN, USA

Adapt Your Eating Plan: How to Individualize Low Carb for You – Franziska Spritzler, RD, CDE, USA

Lipedema Fat: Mother of the Species – Paula Stewart, MD, MS, CLT-LANA/LANA, USA

Diagnosis Diet: Nutrition Science Meets Common Sense – Georgia Ede, MD, USA

BioHacking for Bio-Individuality: How to Adapt Your Nutrition

Bio-Individuaity: Customizing Your Keto Plan for Lipedema – Gillian Szollos, Canada

Therapeutic Keto: A Case Study of Experimental Protocol using 100% Carnivore – Dave Feldman, USA and Gillian Szollos, Canada

Lies My Doctor Told Me: The Truth About Nutrition – Ken Berry, MD, USA

From Vegetarian to 100% Carnivore: One Woman’s Journey – Amber O’Hearn, USA

Support for Making & Sustaining Change

Coaching: Offering a Lifeline – Laura Westman, USA

Nutrition Matters: How to Plan for Success – Megan Pfeffer, BHSc, Australia

Intensive Dietary Management: All About Intermittent Fasting – Megan Ramos, Canada

A Keto Journey from a Wheelchair to Wellness – Raeann Sparks, Lipedema Lady, Canada

Hope for the Future: Nutrition, Psychology & Epigenetics

The Real Meal Revolution: The Radical, Sustainable Approach to Healthy Eating – Jonno Proudfoot, South Africa

Quality of Life for Women with Lipedema – Joanna Dudek, PhD, Poland

Epigenetics, Fat and Diet – Lucia Aronica, PhD, Italy & USA

Practical Keto: How to Work with Your Family Practitioner – Priyanka Wali, MD, USA

Biology of Fat: Treating Lipedema with Keto / LCHF

Treating Lipedema Patients with Keto/LCHF – Gabriele Faerber, MD, Germany

Fat Really Does Have a Higher Purpose – Prof Ken Sikaris, MD, Australia

What Color is Your Fat? – Benjamin Bikman, PhD, USA

Zen and the Art of Keto – Jason Quinn, JDPSN (Zen teacher), USA

SPECIAL LIVE Keynote Webinar with Jason Quinn, JDPSN (Zen teacher)

Finding YOUR WAY: Bio-Individuality, Keto and YOU!

Obesity, Joints & Surgery: How to Lose Weight for Your Joint Replacement OH MY! – Doron Sher, MD, Australia

What You Need to Know: Lectins, Fiber, Gut Health, Microbiome, and more – Paul Mason, MD, Australia

Keto in Action: Living a Luscious Life – Mende Staggs, Lipedema Lady, USA

SPECIAL LIVE Keynote Webinar Grand Finale
Leslyn Keith, OTD & Catherine Seo, PhD

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  • Awareness, education and research are top priorities

    An estimated 17 MILLION women in the US struggle with lipedema, and most don’t know it. Lipedema is thought to be resistant to diet & exercise…until now! Low carb/high fat/LCHF is helping lipedema ladies lose weight, reduce swelling and eliminate pain. These are promising results.

  • Get the latest information about Keto Way of Eating for Lipedema

    A ketogenic diet is high fat, moderate protein, and very low carb (LCHF) that produces a state of ketosis, changing your system from a glucose burning one (produced by carbs) to fat burning. Lipedema ladies are reporting significant and promising outcomes. Learning how to adapt Keto to your specific situation can make all the difference.

  • The Keto for Lipedema Summit is for you if ...

    You have tried various diets and exercise and have not lost weight, reduced swelling or eliminated pain and you are ready to try something new that is working for many lipedema ladies.


Downloads Package

 Now available for Downloads Package including 40+ interviews



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  • You want your family and friends to hear an important, life-changing interview.
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Downloads Package

 Now available for Downloads Package including 40+ interviews

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